Why invest?

Canada’s largest independent biodiesel producer

  • BIOX produces ~60 million litres of methyl esters annually from its first facility in Hamilton, Ontario
  • BIOX is focused on designing, building, owning and operating a network of commercial scale biodiesel production facilities in jurisdictions where clearly defined renewable fuel standards policies exist.

Innovative and patented technology

  • BIOX has an innovative, proprietary and patented production process that is capable of producing the highest quality, renewable, clean burning and biodegradable biodiesel fuel.
  • BIOX’s production process can utilize a variety of feedstock, including lower cost sources such as animal fats and recovered vegetable oils or traditional sources like seed oil, with no change to the production process.
  • This multi-feedstock production process enables BIOX to purchase low cost feedstock while producing high quality, high yield biodiesel.

Location Advantage

  • BIOX is able to locate its production facilities in close proximity of petroleum distributors, refiners and importers due to the multi-feedstock capability of its production process. This proximity to the petroleum infrastructure, and in the case of animal fats and recovered vegetable oils the feedstock source as well, reduces logistical and transportation costs.

Well positioned to benefit from new environmental policies

  • Legislation in the U.S., Canada and the European Union should increase demand for renewable energy including biodiesel, and BIOX is well prepared to address those needs. These policy initiatives outline specific volume mandates that obligated parties must adhere to within the respective jurisdictions.
  • BIOX’s high quality biodiesel fuel meets North American (ASTM) quality standards.

Strong financial foundation

  • BIOX first production facility is operating at or near capacity.
  • The Company raised total gross proceeds of $46.7 million in early 2010 which will be used to fund the construction and commissioning of a second BIOX biodiesel facility.  Click to refer to our latest financial reports.

Highly experienced management

  • The current management team founded BIOX, built two pilot plants, raised capital for the first commercial scale plant and have constructed, commissioned and operate the largest biodiesel plant in Canada.

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