BIOX Corporation

BIOX is a renewable energy company that owns and operates:

  • a 67 million litre (17M usgs) per annum nameplate capacity biodiesel production facility in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The Hamilton plant has been in operation since 2007 and has been linked to Shell Canada’s Hamilton distribution Terminal by pipeline since 2013.
  • a 50 million litre (13M usgs) per annum nameplate capacity facility in Sombra, Ontario which the Company is presently upgrading to be able to process low carbon intensity feedstocks (animal fats and used cooking oils). It is expected to be re-commissioned and operating in 2017;
    Both of these Ontario plants are best positioned to supply lower carbon biodiesel to Obligated Parties for Ontario’s Greener Diesel Mandate.
    In June 2016, BIOX partnered with World Energy, another long time biodiesel plant operator and marketer (, to form a joint venture to purchase and operate:
  • a 340 million litre (90M usgs) nameplate capacity biodiesel production facility located within the Kinder Morgan Galena Park Terminal facility in Houston, Texas. The plant is linked to more than 50 million litres (14M usgs) of storage tanks and has excellent distribution access via both pipeline and marine logistics.

It is BIOX’s intention to continue to further integrate its production assets with downstream operations directly with its customers, namely parties obligated under both the US and Canadian Renewable Fuels Standards as well as discretionary blenders of biodiesel, to create greater logistical efficiencies.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build, acquire, own and operate a network of biodiesel production facilities, utilizing proprietary process technologies capable of producing the highest quality biodiesel fuel in jurisdictions where clearly defined renewable fuel standard policies exist. Our ongoing goal is to be the leading value added integrated supplier to the existing diesel distribution network.


Biox Corporation
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Biox Corporation
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Biox Corporation
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