About BIOX

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, BIOX was incorporated in September 2000.

In April 2001, BIOX completed construction of a 1 million litre per annum pilot plant in Oakville, Ontario. The purpose of this plant was to conclusively demonstrate the BIOX Process’ ability to efficiently and economically convert a wide variety of feedstocks into biodiesel. This test facility proved that the BIOX Process is able to achieve complete conversion of both the free fatty acid molecule as well as the triglyceride molecule into methyl esters achieving yields of 1:1 without any pre-treatment.

In April 2007, BIOX completed construction and commissioning of its’ first commercial-scale biodiesel production facility in Hamilton, Ontario. This 67 million litre annual nameplate capacity plant is one of the largest continuous flow biodiesel production facilities in the world.

Using this proven production technology and modular plant design, BIOX intends to build, own and operate biodiesel plants in attractive markets taking into account such factors as legislation or policies promoting the use of biodiesel, existing petroleum storage and distribution infrastructure, and the availability of feedstock.


Leadership Team

BIOX Directors

David Colcleugh: Mr. Colcleugh was appointed Chairman of our board of directors in 2007. He retired in 2003 as Chairman of Dupont Canada Inc. after 39 years with the Dupont Company in the USA, Asia-Pacific and Canada. His experience includes acting as Vice President, Manufacturing, General Manager and Vice President of several business units, and Principal Consultant, E.I. DuPont Corporate Planning. From 1997 to 2002, he served as President, CEO and Chairman of Dupont Canada Inc. From 1994 to 1997 he served as President, Dupont Asia-Pacific. Mr. Colcleugh joined Dupont Canada Inc. as a Research Engineer after graduating from the University of Toronto with a BASc, MASc, and PhD in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. He has also completed postdoctoral research at Cambridge University. Mr. Colcleugh has served on the board of directors of several Canadian Companies from 2000 to the present and was appointed, in 2006, Professor of Leadership Development at the University of Toronto Faculty of Engineering.

T. Robert Beamish: Mr. Beamish is a Director of the Woodbridge Group, a private Canadian company with 60 locations in 20 countries, involved with urethane chemistry and the manufacture of, primarily, auto parts. Prior to founding Woodbridge Group in 1978, Mr. Beamish was President of Monsanto Canada and founded Woodbridge based on the purchase of a Monsanto plant. Mr. Beamish has an engineering degree from Queen’s University and, among other business interests, is actively involved in the W.B. Family Foundation, a foundation established to assist Canadian organizations in the areas of health and sciences, social services, education, arts and culture and nature and habitat conservation.

William Lambert: Mr. Lambert retired as a partner of Birch Hill Equity Partners on December 31, 2009 and is currently a corporate director. In his role at Birch Hill Equity Partners, Mr. Lambert provided advice and counsel on an ongoing basis with respect to sourcing, monitoring, creating value in and exiting investments. From 1989 to 2005, Mr. Lambert worked in a similar capacity with TD Capital Group Ltd. Prior to joining TD Capital Group Ltd, Mr. Lambert practiced as a consultant and plant engineer in the steel industry for 10 years with Ferrco Engineering Company and North Star Steel Company. Mr. Lambert received an MBA from York University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

W. James Whitaker: Mr. Whitaker is one of two Managing Partners of VL Advisors Inc., the manager of the VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. The VentureLink Innovation Fund Inc. had approximately $129 million of assets under management as at June 30, 2012. Mr. Whitaker has held senior investment positions with the VentureLink Group of Funds since 2003 and previously, Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc. since 1994. While at Working Ventures Canadian Fund Inc., Mr. Whitaker led investments or acted as board member in approximately twenty companies. In addition, he led the Information Technology Team and was a member of the Management Investment Committee. Prior to joining Working Ventures, Mr. Whitaker worked in a number of practice areas at Ernst & Young providing financial advisory services to mid-market companies in a wide range of industries. Mr. Whitaker is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Business Valuator.

Michael J. Salamon: Mr. Salamon is a partner of Birch Hill Equity Partners and has over 19 years of experience in the private equity industry. Prior to joining Birch Hill in 2005, he was with TD Capital Group Ltd., Birch Hill Equity Partners’ predecessor company, and prior to that spent seven years as a Vice President at Harrowston Inc., a Toronto-based private equity investment firm. Mr. Salamon received his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and his Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. Mr. Salamon is a CFA charterholder.

BIOX Executive Officers

Kevin W. Norton, Chief Executive Officer: A co-founder of BIOX in September 2000, Mr. Norton, has more than 20 years of senior level experience in business management, engineering and project management. Prior to co-founding BIOX and assuming the roles of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Engineering, he held several senior level positions with primary responsibility for the evaluation and development of new technologies, systems and services and the redesign of existing products and technologies. Mr. Norton has extensive experience in pollution control and marine systems, contract and project management, municipal/industrial water and wastewater systems and marine environments. His previous positions have included Manager of Environmental Products Division, Conor Pacific; Product Manager, Water and Wastewater Technologies, Conor Pacific; Maritime Environmental Protection Project Manager/ Engineer and Marine Systems Engineering Officer onboard HMCS MacKenzie and Regina for the Canadian Department of National Defence, Navy. In these positions he has managed multi-million dollar project budgets for technology development. Mr. Norton received his degree in mechanical engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and served as an officer in the Canadian Forces (Navy) for 13 years.

Christopher A. Clinning, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary: Prior to joining BIOX in May 2006, Mr. Clinning held senior executive positions in several entrepreneurial high growth companies, both publicly traded and privately held. These companies were in the technology, software and telecommunications sectors. From October 2001 to April 2006, Mr. Clinning was Vice President, Finance for FRI Corporation, a software and data services provider based in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Clinning has extensive experience in the process of raising capital, including leading an initial public offering on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and raising capital for start up and early stage ventures. Mr. Clinning is a Chartered Accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto.

Scott Lewis, Vice President, Business Development and Sales: Mr. Lewis has over 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur, having been involved in the start up of several new businesses in Canada, the United States and Europe. Prior to joining us in 2002, he held the position of President at JSBL Management Inc., a consulting company, from 1999 to 2002. He brings expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including financing and development of corporate strategies, business development, marketing, sales and operations, gathered from his experiences in a variety of industries, including commercial real estate, retail sales operations, new concept retail food and entertainment. His primary responsibilities include the development of our corporate strategy, procurement of feedstock, sales, real estate and the development of strategic relationships with third parties.

Nakyun G. Paik, Vice President, Operations: Mr. Paik joined BIOX in October 2002 with 15 years of experience gained in various levels of management in engineering and project management. Prior to joining BIOX, Mr. Paik held the position of project manager at IBM Canada from August 2000 to October 2002 in the area of software development applications. From September 1987 to May 2000, Mr. Paik served with the Canadian Forces as both a combat and construction engineer. Mr. Paik is a Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario and received his degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto.

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