What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a clean burning, non-toxic and biodegradable renewable fuel that is used as a replacement for or additive to petroleum diesel. It is primarily used in blends with petroleum diesel as a fuel for trucks and automobiles, and can also be used as heating oil and in a variety of other applications, including marine transportation, electrical generation, farming equipment and mining operations. Biodiesel is completely interchangeable with petroleum diesel, and any concentration of biodiesel blend can be used in today’s diesel engines without any modifications.

Biodiesel contains no petroleum and is a renewable fuel because it can be made from a variety of renewable raw materials, or “feedstocks”, including pure seed oils, animal fats and recycled cooking oils. It performs comparably to petroleum diesel in terms of fuel economy, horsepower and torque, but offers many benefits over petroleum diesel, including a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It is more biodegradable than petroleum diesel and is also safer to transport.

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