The use of biodiesel as an alternative to, or when blended with, petroleum diesel results in a number of significant benefits:

  • Reduces dependence on foreign oil
  • Worldwide fossil fuel supply is dwindling, demand outstripping supply
  • Increases domestic oil security
  • More efficient than alternative renewable fuels, such as ethanol
  • More biodegradable than petro diesel
  • Safer to transport and store
  • Performs comparably in terms of fuel economy, horsepower and torque*
  • No engine modifications required
  • More environmentally responsible:
    • Significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 63%*
    • Reduces emissions of particulate matter by 50%*
    • Reduces emissions of unburned hydrocarbons by 67%*
    • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 48%*
    • Sulfur and benzene free

*Compared to petro diesel

Biox Benefits



Ontario Toxics Reduction Act

The Ontario Toxics Reduction Act, 2009 and Ontario Regulation 455/09 requires Ontario companies to annually track and quantify the amount of toxic substances used, created and contained in product, report actual amounts annually, and develop voluntary reduction plans on a facility-wide basis.

BIOX’s TRA report is based on our submission to Environment Canada’s National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI).

Please follow the link to BIOX’s Toxic Substance Reduction Plan Summary
Please follow the link to BIOX’s Toxic Substance Reduction Plan – PM10
Please follow the link to the 2015 Public Report TRA

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