About us

BIOX is a renewable energy company with a growing network of production facilities and distribution infrastructures in North America, including two biodiesel plants in Ontario, Canada and, in a joint venture partnership with World Energy, a 90M usg plant in Houston, Texas which happens to be the third largest plant in the United States.

Our current focus is biodiesel, a clean and high-performing alternative to petroleum diesel. We believe biodiesel is an excellent here-and-now solution for the rapidly expanding transportation sector to significantly reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and other environmental pollutants. Biodiesel in both pure and blended forms work with existing diesel engines without modifications, making it an immediate, viable and low-cost solution to help combat climate change, while other capital-intensive solutions are still under development for a distant future.


We envision a bright and sustainable future through our contribution to the global effort of providing cleaner and greener energy for an increasingly fast-moving world.


Our current mission is to be the most efficient supplier of biodiesel compliance to the existing diesel distribution network in North America, by:

  • Expanding our reach to key markets through acquisitions of production facilities with efficient access to both feedstock supplies and distribution networks
  • Maximizing distribution efficiency through logistical integration such as direct pipeline connection
  • Optimizing operations and logistics through continuous innovation


  • A new joint venture WEBB (World Energy Biox Biofuels LLC) in partnership with World Energy.
  • Acquisition of a 341 million litre nameplate capacity biodiesel facility in Houston, Texas, under WEBB.
  • Acquisition of a 50 million litre nameplate capacity biodiesel facility in Sombra, Ontario.
  • Complete construction of a 67 million litre nameplate capacity biodiesel facility in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Complete construction of a 1 million litre capacity pilot plant in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Founded and incorporated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.